Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two pages from a diary I kept in 2011

1. Love doesn't happen. Love between two people is a fictional story. It is like science fiction, where the science that happens is real but it doesn't really happen and there are made up words for things that don't exist. Love is like that. Love is one of the made up words. Intimacy is another. So is comfort. Sex is real. The people are real too. The connection is fictional. Fiction about love is fiction about fiction. Romance novels are the most profound metafiction in the world today.

2. A short story idea
Man and Woman are on a date each of them is talking and it is like a conversation except each of them is talking about different things. Man is talking about 2011 and how and why it will be remembered in history and how the world is changing. The woman is talking about the media and new media and old media and there is so much information
structure is cut up - starts with them talking - then to them meeting at a party - then to them talkoing - then to something else. They understand each other

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