Friday, December 28, 2012

predictions for 2013

1. Hate one of the uni courses I expected to like (Philosophy of Literature, Sea Changes)
2. Have a fling with someone from OKcupid
3. Will not approve of Alice's love interest(s)
4. Will become obsessed with a new author
5. Become more interested in altlit (via Jackson, Caro and Alice)
6. Will study full time in semester 2.
7. Will submit to journals but not get published
8. Become more confident doing Stand Up
9. Have my first complete bomb doing stand up
10. Read more non fiction
11. Do some script writing
12. Get a part time job
13. Get fired or made redundant
14. Get a really intense crush on a close friend
15. Will have a big argument with a family member
16. Will consider leaving Wellington (probably to Melbourne)
17. Finally talk to stranger crush
18. Will get an A on one of my papers
19. Get a B or lower on one of my papers
20. Stop seeing my counselor
21. Have a little bit of a breakdown and see him again briefly
22. Ride my bike more
23. Flat will have a money crises
24. I will have a money crises
25. Hang out with David Klein heaps
26. Will do comedy in Auckland at least once
27. Host a drive show on VBC
28. Will try and learn Ruby on Rails
29. Will become more interested in theatre and film
30. Will be really cynical about music/theatre/comedy/publishing/art/blogging/friend scenes
31. One of my tweets will go semi viral (25+ retweets)
32. Will have a dilemma about eating meat and dairy

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