Sunday, December 30, 2012


Characters: Person one
                 Person Two

Setting: A Kitchen

Person one is standing next to the bench in the kitchen eating ice cream with a teaspoon directly out of the two litre tub, Person two walks in.

PERSON ONE: Hey man, you’re not at work today.

PERSON TWO: Yeah I had the day

PERSON ONE: Cool, what have you been up to?

PERSON TWO: I just went down to the TAB, what about you?

PERSON ONE: I just got up. What do you bet on? Horses?

PERSON TWO: Nah, I don’t understand the races, I bet on the basketball

PERSON ONE: Did you watch the game there?

PERSON TWO: No I’m going to watch it online. It starts in fifteen minutes.

PERSON ONE: I don’t blame you the TAB is so depressing, every time I walk past it’s just full of 
people watching the horse races

PERSON TWO: Yeah, I know, and none of them have any money either, it’s all they do.

PERSON ONE: It’s funny, the two types of people that are interested in racing are either really rich 
or completely poor. No one in between.

PERSON TWO: I know it’s frustrating, whenever I go in there I want to yell at them, go home to your families, keep your money, go get a job.

PERSON ONE: I don’t have a job

PERSON TWO: Yeah, but at least you’re trying

PERSON ONE: Yeah at least I’m trying

Person one takes another spoonful of ice cream. Person two leaves the room.

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