Monday, December 31, 2012


1. I moved to Wellington
2. Lived with 5 amazing people for most the year
3. Transferred to Victoria University
4. Learnt basic Maori (and forgot a lot of it)
5. I started seeing my new counselor Thomas
6. My medication changed significantly many times
7. I stopped thinking I might have bipolar type two
8. Started doing stand up comedy
9. I got involved with 19 Tory St and met some of the best people I know through that
10. I met David Merritt and organised two poetry events for him at Tory St
11. I saw Thee Oh Sees, Real Estate, and Boris and lots of other great bands
12. I started using OKcupid more seriously
13. Did a short fiction creative writing workshop at the IIML
14. I started using twitter
15. Stopped irrationally hating theatre people
16. I helped organise Wellington Zinefest
17. I made four new zines and reprinted my three old ones
18. I did my first solo comedy show at Darkroom in Christchurch
19. Spent a lot of time on omegle
20. Added 160 friends on facebook
21. Played a lot of Words with friends. (mostly with James Beavis, Brian Feary and Adam Freeth)
22. Read 55 books
23. Started using Tumblr
24. Blogged 85 times
25. Started listening to Krautrock
26. Hosted The New Zealand Music show on Radio Active once every three weeks.
27. Danced a lot more
28. Started to appreciate some pop music
29. Saw All Seeing Hand heaps of times.
30. Didn't have sex
31. Didn't kiss anyone
32. Made lots of good friends
33. Wrote a bunch of short stories
34. Didn't write many poems

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