Monday, November 19, 2012

I have always had a pretty strong internal monologue, and I’ve never really been sure what to do with it. Throughout high school I oppressed this monologue, because opening yourself up in any creative way essentially opens yourself up to attack in an environment that is built on competition.

In 2009, once I had finished school, I tried to release this monologue through poetry. After years of oppressed teenage angst I finally was in the position to let my emotions free. Of course this poetry was terrible, u
nfortunately I didn’t realise this until after I had released it to the world. I continued writing poetry over the next three years, slowly evolving from pure emotional cringe to a slightly more aware emotional cringe, to attempting to make fun of everything whilst still being meaningful through poetry (which isn’t really possible)
In 2012, after moving to Wellington, where every second person writes poetry, I realised that I wasn’t very good at poetry at all. I decided to give up on the poetic side of things and try my hand at stand up comedy.

I was unexpectedly successful at this, Eight months after my first three minute set, I have performed around 8 times, including two different twenty minute sets headlining the Medicine and Clean Comedy at Meow.

I’m returning to Christchurch in December for both my first solo comedy show and my first show outside of Wellington. The show will be two 30 minute halves, one of them about me, and the other about everything else (but really mostly about me as well). Pay what you can afford to, honestly I would like to get enough money to be able to buy a passport, so yeah keep that in mind.

Big thanks to T'nealle and Jasper from Darkroom, and Ricky Thelfo who is pretty much the only reason I have been doing comedy in Wellington

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