Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Short Stories

I love short stories. They are probably my favourite form of fiction. I also think they work well in this age; they can be translated from print, to web, to zines, to newspapers, to spoken word easily and hold themselves in many different forms (this of course depends on the story and the writer). Short stories are nice because you can read them in one sitting, they can be read without disruption or loss of focus, and they require no ongoing commitment.

Short Stories often say much more than they let on, they can be reread over and over again and each time come to different conclusions. Characters depths and themes and sometimes even plots are only hinted to and are left up to interpretation.

I have a problem with reading short stories too fast, I read them and move onto the next without thinking. I am in a rush to finish. I need to stop and give myself time with short stories, let myself think about them a bit more. Let myself reread them and think about them and look at how the writer does what they do to get the story across the way they do

I started a blog last year sometime with Alice and David where we recorded ourselves reading short stories (and other things), I really liked this because it gave me time with the stories, time to read them slowly and think about them and read them outloud and listen to them, hear them in a different way and from a different voice. I haven't put anything on it for a long time despite intending to several times with several different stories. I've got a computer that can record stuff reasonably well now so I don't have to borrow Alice's so I am going to try and redo it but I would like some help and input from other people. So I'm asking anyone that wants to to be part of this blog and record things they like and put them on the blog. send me your email addresses to eamonnmarra at gmail dot com and I'll add you to the blog and you can post it.


If you want some short stories to read I can recommend some for you, some you can find online but I don't like reading off a computer screen that much so I recommend getting the books out from the library or borrowing them from a friend.

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  1. Oh mna, can totally relate to reading short stories too quickly! So keen to hit the next one, need to reflect on the one just finished :/