Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The New Zealand Music Show 31/07/12

This was probably the most fun show I have done on Active.

The 3Ds - Leave the dogs to play
SPUD - Go Ape
Loves Ugly Children - Suck
The Renderers - Typhoid Mary
Plagal Grind - Recievership
Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing - Ng.
King Loser - Shake Your Wings
HDU - Shalblute
Gate - Desert
Team Cat Food - Domesticated
Grass Cannons - Cat hair (Lontalius remix)
Doctors - Are You Lacking in Essential Ghosts?
Mmdelai - A Common solve
Dimmer - Cold Water
T54 -Kill Red
Snapper - Buddy
Alpaca Brothers - The Lie
Bailterspace - Splat
Skeptics - Agitator
The Gordons - Laughing Now
Scorched Earth Policy - Sunset on the Loading Zone
The Postures - Bushwalker
Ipswich - Epic Quest
Beastwars - Lake of Fire
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Fools Like Me
Anthony Drent - namenamename

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