Thursday, July 12, 2012

I've been chatting on Omegle heaps this last week. I thought uni started back a week earlier than it does so I had a week to do stuff when all I wanted was to be back at uni. Anyway I have met a lot of really cool people from lots of cool places. I am the worst internet friend ever because I often talk every day to them for a couple of weeks then forget to log into skype for a month and then by the time I log back they have deleted me. I was going to list my favourite people I met, but then I realised I have shown this blog to a lot of people on there and if they saw they weren't in my favourites I would feel bad, you're all my favourites anyway. Probably the best find though has been Jarrett, a guy from LA who has a blog with some of the best comics/art I have seen for ages. Click picture for blog

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