Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The New Zealand Music Show

Tonights Show was 100% vinyl, I used every NZ record I own so I wont be able to do another all vinyl show for a while.

The Renderers - Bigger than Texas
Olla - Septic Hagfish
Look Blue Go Purple - Winged Rumour
Putty In Her Hands - Lemon Daze
The Chills - Don't Be - Memory
The Letter 5 - No Conversation
The Damned Evangelist - Mosey's Dead
Slim Chants - Do The Dogone
Bad Evil - Mermaids Riding UFOs
Old Loaves - First
Old Loaves - Hollow
The Dead C - Bad Politics
Dimmer - Crystalator
Die Die Die - Brat
Black Boned Angel - Creeping Barrage (faded out after 10 minutes)
Insert Name Here - A Year Without Christmas
Glass Vaults - Forget Me Not
Sneaky Feelings - There's a Chance
Drill - Happy Home
Tapeman - Thirteen
Goldenaxe - Dognapped
Grand Saloon - Damn the Torpedos
The Chicks - Ticket To Ride
Delaney Davidson - Around the World.

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