Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Zealand Music Show on RadioActive 5/06/12 Playlist

Chris Knox - Half Man Half Mole
The Verlaines - Death and The Maiden
Plagal Grind - Receivership
The Cakekitchen - Even as We Sleep
The Blueness - The Blueness
Goodshirt - So Charming
Lontalius - Sort it Out
Capsul - Drama (Over The Atlantic Cover)
Deathdream - I dont want to be a ghost (Capsul Cover)
Hawaii Five O - Fry
Attic Sky's - A Word for missing something before its gone
St Eden - Bitches
Dance Asthmatics - Tangerine
Careerwolf - Drive
Seeami - en (feat Lontalius)
Cool Cult - Tomorrow
Thought Creature - Paradise
Shacklock Meth Party & Ben Dodd - San Juan
Fetus Productions - What's Going on?
The Terminals - The Last Days of The Sun
The Unfaithful Ways - Trouble I'm in
Music Sucks - Lonely Little Mind
The Pin Group - A Thousand Sins
Old Loaves - Hollow
The Renderers - It's Sad
David Mitchell and Denise Roughan - The Crying Room
Seth and Merle - Incubate my Friend
Demarnia Lloyd and Stuart Harris - Long Ride
Lawrence Arabia - Travelling Shoes

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