Saturday, June 9, 2012

My wisdom teeth are coming through, and luckily they aren't causing me any pain or pushing my front teeth together and I hope they continue this way because I have no idea how I could afford a dentist or what I would do in that situation. Anyway, this morning I ate some peanut butter and then brushed my teeth and went to uni, on the way to uni I thought I had a piece of peanut stuck in my wisdom tooth/gum area and I spent the whole walk trying to pick it out. By the time I got to uni I had realised (what I had thought all along) that what I was trying to remove wasn't a peanut piece but part of my gum which just feels like its stuck in my tooth. I haven't been able to spend five minutes since then not playing with it with my tongue and it annoying me. I have no self control.

Today I listened to: The Gordons, Gate, Lontalius, The Strokes

Today I read: A little bit of The Quitter, a comic by Harvey Pekar (It's pretty much American Splendour but about his youth)

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  1. I get this feeling a few times a year. The last time I went to the dentist (8 years ago) he told me that his wisdom teeth have been threatening to come through for years and that I probably wouldn't need to get them out so maybe you won't either. They're causing me discomfort at the moment so I thought I'd share my story.