Sunday, June 10, 2012

I spend a lot of time thinking, talking and writing about political issues. I think a problem with a lot of discussion of politics (including mine) is that it is quite shallow, I'm not meaning that in a derogatory sense in any way, people who care about and discus politics are incredibly intelligent and interesting people who actually care about stuff which is very rare and very exciting to be around. What I mean by shallow is that we tend to think about problems and solutions to these problems on a purely political front, where are the problems are often so ingrained into society, media, linguistics and tradition that it is impossible for one movement to fight issues without ripping apart society. I think most people who discus politics are very aware of this fact but it is impossible to be fully aware of the depths of all issues society is facing. This is all pretty much gibberish so far and I could keep writing my thoughts down but I would probably never get to any conclusion and this was only meant to be an introduction to an idea that I wanted to present in this post but as I have been writing this my ideas have expanded to be about so much more and I doubt I could give the topic the complete justice it deserves on a personal blog, so I think I'm going to leave this now and just get into the idea I planned to write in the first place.

I think a lot of problems our generation and society faces at the moment come out of a feeling of a lack of direction, both on a personal level and a bigger scale. I'm just going to focus on the personal level at the moment, because I really only want to spend another five minutes writing this and two of it will probably be dedicated to trying to remember what music I listened to today. We grow up with a general direction, we go to primary school, that then leads to intermediate which then leads to high school. Once we leave high school (not necessarily at the end of year 13) a lot of us lose that direction and momentum, we may go to further education, but that just postpones the question of purpose in life that we all face at some point. Coming to this decision in a period of economic uncertainty just makes it harder. There is very little support coming to terms with this question for young adults, and we are constantly told from almost all parts of society that our most important contribution or aspect of our lives is our job. When we are told this, but there are are not enough jobs around, and those that are around don't have a future or a direction to move, or when our jobs do not represent what we think is important it leaves us feeling disillusioned with the world we live in and alienated and completely disempowered. There is no support out there to discus these kind of things on a personal level, no communication that you and your job are not the same thing and your greatest contribution in life may not be the same thing that earns you your money. I am lucky enough to have interest and involvement in things outside of employment (and unlucky enough to have no involvement in things inside of employment) such as not for profit organisations, music, writing, reading, critical discussion and art. Most people do not have these same drives or ambitions within themselves and focus on what they think is important, there is no support for people to recognise their own values and live by them. Again this post is a incoherent ramble and is not given the time and energy and research a topic like this deserves, I would like to talk about this with people if they would like to sometime.

Today I listened to: Karl Blau, The Terminals

Today I read: lots of stuff online about political shit

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