Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Turns out I have been spelling Ann Beattie's name wrong on this blog. It doesn't have an 'e'. I was going to review/give my interpretation of Perfect Recall today, but I'm feeling lazy and would much rather be reading my next book right now rather than that. I'll try and do it tomorrow. Wednesdays are my only busy day at uni (3 hours of class and usually an assessment to finish before Thursday 5pm but I try to do it on Wednesdays so I don't have to go back into uni) so I spent it there. I'm not falling behind with Maori, but I do need to do a lot of study revising my notes etc for an assessment coming up and a test after that. If I don't get into the creative writing class I have applied for I think I will keep doing Maori to at least 102 level. If I continue with Maori I should buy a physical dictionary because the online one sucks. In my listening/translating assessment I did today everything made sense except for kawhena, the Maori word for coffin, in a random place, I probably did not hear it right but instead of trying to fix it (for the sixth or seventh time) I just assumed that it was a way of exclaiming (Shit! or similar) despite no evidence online to back this up. I have counselling tomorrow and I haven't done the exercises I have meant to have done as often as I should have. Oh well, that's how I roll.

Today I listened to: Godspeed you black emperor, The Melvins, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Sheep Technique

Today I read: Nothing yet, but I'm going to read a couple of Raymond Carver stories from a collection of uncollected works called "Call if You Need Me"


  1. i've been trying to teach myself a bit of maori, think it would be real cool to learn, how's it going for you?

  2. Maori is actually really hard, languages are not the type of thing I'm naturally good at but I'm enjoying it. I think the most important thing is to learn the vowel sounds and vowel blends, then everything is phonetical. I'm probably not going to keep doing it, but I've really appreciated what I have learnt so far.