Saturday, May 19, 2012

Today I went to a party and didn't take any medication and didn't have a panic attack. I did my breathing techniques and meditation techniques I have learnt through ACT therapy a couple of times but it was generally pretty good for an environment that I usually don't feel comfortable in. I bought 12 beers tonight, I drank five before I left the house and gave two away when I got to the party, after I had finished my ninth beer overall I went to the fridge to get my tenth and it had been stolen, I was kinda pissed for a while but then I realised I didn't really need an eleventh beer tonight and I had had enough. Realising that was a pretty good thing.

Today I listened to: Dirt Beneath The Daydream (compilation), I hear the Devil Calling Me (compilation) Seth Frightening, My Disco, Public Image Limited, The Raveonettes, The Stabs, Sunn O))) & Boris.

Today I read: A few more Raymond Carver Essays, and a short story by Raymond Carver from his early years. (It was really bad and made me feel good that Raymond Carver started out kinda shit)

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