Saturday, May 12, 2012

a list of everyone I've ever lived with (that I can remember)

Christine Abernethy
David Marra
Shaun Marra
an international student (I can't remember his name)
Karen Marra
Frans Boymans
Paul Clapp
Jamie Clapp
Rebecca Clapp
Ashleigh Marra
Dawn Abernethy
Victoria Ireland
Caleb Ireland
Christian Lachenmeier
Else Rønne
Peter Rønne
Mathias Rønne
Morten Rønne
Fran Miller Pezo
Melinda Maxwell
Netta Egoz
David Klein
Timothy Andrew
Sara Andrew
Nick Robinson
Matthew Scobie
Jonathon Edwards
Hannah Strom
Alice Connolly
Kit French
Gina Dobson
Madeliene Ashton Martyn
Meredith Harris

Pets I've lived with:
Arlo (Cat)
rabbits I can't remember name of
Steinie (Cat)
Satin (Cat)
Porsha (Dog)
lots of fish
Thumper (Rabit)
Shorts (Dog)
Ashes (Cat)
Gustav (Dog)
Gaia (Cat)
Kat (Cat)

Today I listened to: Neu!, Neurosis, Nevernudes, Pavement, All Seeing Hand, Bailter Space, Barnard's Star

Today I read: Two more short stories by Anne Beattie, Four pieces from the New Yorker's best of humour book (One by Donald Barthelme, one by F Scott Fitzgerald, can't remember the other two), a couple of poems by Tess Gallagher, The introduction to a collection of Raymond Carver's unpublished works also by Tess Gallagher.

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