Sunday, May 13, 2012

I went to 19 Tory St today to help clean up the mess that has accumulated over the past couple of months. 19 Tory St is a really cool "open source gallery" that has opened up that I have gotten involved in, I'll probably say more about it in another post. Anyway I was part of a conversation there about live music, some of the people involved have grown tired of live music because of its lack of interaction and the strict audience/performer nature of it. I don't mind that part of it because I enjoy watching music, what I don't enjoy about music generally is the atmosphere that surrounds it. I generally don't like bars, and I don't like the fact that the music industry is so heavily reliant on the alcohol industry, I have thought this for a long time and it is one of the main reasons I was so enthusiastic about All Ages gigs. Anyway instead of saying what I don't like about live music I thought I would share what I do like.

I like standing at the front watching the bands, listening very intently to what is happening and to not focus on anything except the band and the music. If my mind wanders from the music to the environment that it is in I generally get very anxious about how I am standing or dancing or doing so I generally am very focused on the music.I like pulling the music apart into each instrument and watch what a specific member is doing and how they are constructing their sound, then I pull my attention back to the music as a whole and see how what I was listening to fits in to the sound as a whole.I like thinking about how the instruments/members work together both sonically and melodically. I started listening to music this way because I was getting anxious at gigs and I needed a way to focus on the band more, this is a very critical way of listening to music and usually afterwards if someone asks me what I think of it I can talk for a long time about it. Up until recently I thought this was my favourite way of listening to music but there is way I like it even more, it's much harder to do though. My favourite way of listening to music is getting completely lost in it in a hypnotic and meditative like state where I am completely unaware of things happening, usually this requires the music to be very loud, atmospheric and repetitive, its also very easy to get pulled out of this state if something happens to disrupt these requirements. I usually am watching a specific member play their instrument but instead of analysing it I'm just watching their bodies move, bassists and drummers are usually the best ones to watch to this. I like dancing to this type of music, but instead of when I dance other times I don't think about dancing, I just do it. If it isn't an environment where dancing is appropriate like when everyone is sitting down I still move parts of my body to the music but just in smaller ways, like wiggling my toes or moving my hands up and down. If I'm sitting down sometimes its best to just close my eyes and get lost completely. Bands that I've seen that have got me in this state are My Disco, Boris, All Seeing Hand, HDU, The Shocking and Stunning, The Melvins, DEAD, Hildur Guðnadóttir, LA Lakers, Black Boned Angel and other drone/experimental music I've seen at places like HSP.

Today I listened to: The Microphones, I hear the devil calling me (Compilation), Runner (Compilation), Snapper

Today I read: Two more stories by Anne Beattie (I'll do a review/my thoughts on the collection as a whole when I finish the book)

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