Thursday, May 31, 2012

I haven't updated in a while because I had an assignment due today for Maori. I haven't actually been doing the work the whole time I haven't been updating, but I have been worrying about the work which prevented me from doing pretty much everything else. Anyway, I finished the assignment today so I can update the blog again, until tomorrow at least when I have to start worrying about studying (or maybe even actually studying) for the Maori test I have next Wednesday.

For next semester I have applied for two creative writing papers; one is a short fiction workshop that I applied for in December using my 'Coffee with Milk' story (which admittedly is the last short story I have written) as my  example writing, the other is a poetry workshop that I applied for on the date the application closed, Monday. I would rather do the short fiction workshop, but there are only 12 people selected for each one so I thought I better double my chances by applying for them both (that's how it works right?). Anyway, after seeing David Merritt do his 'reading' and Hera do another one, I decided that I would actually like to keep writing poetry even though I have been pretty unhappy with the way I've been writing recently and I realised when I was writing my application that the reason I have been unhappy with my writing recently (over the last six or seven months) is because I have been participating in poetry events, I have been writing poetry to perform it. I don't like performance poetry, and even though I do like some poetry readings (like Hera's and David Merritt's) I don't want to write poetry purely to read it out loud to an audience. I have been way too concerned about making my poems funny, and although I don't feel the need to get rid of all humour from my poetry, I feel like I need to be able to write good poems that are not funny. My poems that have got the best response from audiences have been the funny ones, so that is all I have been writing. Tomorrow I'm reading a poem before a film in the documentary festival and that will be my last reading until I decide otherwise. If you want to see me be funny I'm doing stand up comedy at Fringe Bar on the 11th of June, I haven't written much for it yet but I'm sure once I finish my Maori test I will start worrying about it.

Recently I have been listening to: Peter Wright, Alastair Galbraith, Trash, Look Blue Go Purple, Flying Nun Compilations, My Disco

Recently I have been reading: Rock Springs by Richard Ford, I can't believe I haven't read this guy before he is amazing!

Today I watched: Public Speaking, a documentary by Martin Scorsese about Fran Lebowitz, I have never read anything by her before but it was hilarious and I want to now.

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