Tuesday, March 20, 2012


As I'm sure you all know I am incredibly lonely, and as most incredibly lonely people do in this day and age I have an internet dating profile. I haven't been very successful with it so far so I have decided to open it up to my blog readers to do it for me.

Go to okcupid.com and log in, my username is Moon_Deluxe and my password is eamonnisadick. You can do whatever you want on my profile, you can upload pictures of me, you can message people, you can edit everything about me. I don't really care all that much, but if you get me a date or a girlfriend that would be nice too.


  1. can we make a dating advice blog
    oh wait i bet the answer is "no i already did that it won't be funny"

  2. The first thing I would do is change your password but then you wouldn't be able to get back in and your profile'd be of no use to you.

  3. This is awesome man. I hope it works for you!