Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cover Letter

I applied for a job at New Zealand on Air and didn't get it, since I put heaps of work into this cover letter and it was essentially worthless I figured I might as well put it on my blog.


Dear Trish,

I am applying for the job of Music Funding Coordinator at New Zealand on Air, as advertised on the website. I believe I would be perfect for the job based on my previous experience in the music, promotion and broadcasting industries, my extensive knowledge of New Zealand music, and my intense passion for New Zealand music. I have been working in the music industry as a music reviewer, promoter, radio show host and musician for the past five years and have experienced many aspects of the music industry. I would provide enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to New Zealand on Air. I have followed changes to New Zealand on Air with great interest, particularly Chris Caddick’s report and the subsequent transition to the Making Tracks funding programme. I am always interested to see the composition of the funding panel each round, which bands get funding, and the music and videos that result from the funding.

The past two years I have hosted the New Zealand music show The Sheep Technique on Christchurch Bnet station RDU ( To meet RDU’s expectations I had a consistently high quality broadcast, with professional and informative voice breaks and a variety of New Zealand music across many genres and from all times in New Zealand’s musical history. I took the initiative to go further than this and developed a strong online presence for the radio show. After the February 2011 earthquake while RDU was without a studio I took the initiative to pre-record the radio show at my home and send to the programme director for broadcast. As part of hosting the show I have developed an extensive knowledge of New Zealand music history and have consistently kept up with new releases from across the country. My specialty is indie and alternative music but my knowledge is not limited to this area. Through organising this radio show I have developed excellent research skills particularly around researching music through the internet. I have a great understanding of the culture of the internet and how the music industry is changing around it. I used blogs, email and social networking sites to communicate with bands and listeners while my show was on air and to research new music to play.

I am confident in my organisational skills and my creative approach to problem solving. I am dedicated to getting things done and have worked very hard both on my own and with teams to organise various events. Over the last five years I have been involved in the organisation of dozens of all ages gigs under the Red Panda label, and Zinefest Christchurch. In 2007, at seventeen years old I was one of the founders of Red Panda, a not for profit all ages event promotion company aimed at providing young people in Christchurch high quality and safe gigs. Through the years I worked for Red Panda I developed great organisational skills, which involved liaising with many different groups such as; MAINZ, alcohol awareness groups, the City Council, the Ministry of Social Development, RDU and Phantom Billstickers, and working incredibly hard and finding creative solutions for problems as we had a very limited budget. Red Panda evolved in 2010 to employ five people through the Ministry of Social Development’s Community Max scheme, who created the music magazine Tally Ho! and compilation CD titled Radicool Emotionz. I did both front line and administration work for Red Panda.

I have good writing skills and I have completed two years of an English degree at Canterbury University, but have taken a break to move to Wellington to escape from the earthquakes. I have had poetry published in a young Australasian poetry anthology, Hands Like Mirrors and did well in a recent Poetry Slam in Wellington. I utilise my writing skills and my music knowledge by writing album and song reviews for the website and live gig reviews for

I am available for an interview and am happy to give more information if necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact me via any of the contact details listed above.


Eamonn Marra


  1. I'd employ you in a heartbeat!!!

    But.. just in my experience.. I would use more loaded/dramatic/pompous words.. also I would try to condense the cover letter down a bit, because employers have very limited time and you unfortunately have to get across how awesome you are as quickly as possible, because they will not pay you much attention at all =(

    I hope you get a job in a radio station soon. I think it would be so great to work in radio. I haven't done anything radio-wise for so long though so I feel a bit out of touch with it all... Does Welly have much you can get involved in generally? If you want a cool thing to do from home, this Melbourne based internet radio station called 'Radio Valerie' is looking for hosts to fill different hours (I think), or they were a lil while back. you could probably record the show at home and they'd broadcast it for you, if that was a thing you'd be interested in. They seemed like cool people to be honest, had a 'pirate radio' sort of vibe going for them.

    anyway. you should blog more =)

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