Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lucid Dreaming

I think I had a Lucid dream last night, I think I Lucid dream most nights. I'm not sure if it was actually a dream or a nightmare but it was very vivid. Here is what I can remember.

I was a boy starting at a new school and I knew no one. I walked around the playground and I couldn't talk to anyone, I went into a corridor and a girl came and talked to me. Then a boy pulled me away and told me that I would get hooked in with the wrong crowd if I talked to her and I should follow him. Then we left and went outside where he whispered something into a big strange wall thing and some yellowish liquid came and flowed out and I thought it was pee so I started peeing too but then it turned out it wasn't pee it was whiskey and I got embarrassed. The wall sort of opened up and changed and I had to follow this path up following this voice that the boy told me to follow, there were jars everywhere in strange places filled with whiskey and it was important that I didn't break them, but I did accidentally break some. When I got to the top of the wall thing I met the man who was speaking and he was a little bit angry that I broke some of his whiskey jars but he forgave me. The man gave me a lot of tea towels and told me they were very important, then he told me he would take me home and sort out all my problems at home. We went home where my mother (not my real life mother but the mother of the boy that I was) and father were and they were obviously not in love but were together so I would get into this prestigious school that I just started. My father knew this man from a long time ago and apparently this was the connection that got me into the school but my Mum was the one who did all the talking and she was kinda a bitch to this really nice man who gave me tea towels. I felt sad because of all the arguing and the vibe of home so I lay down on my stomach. My granddad (once again not real granddad) kept hitting me on the bum and saying things about "pickles and pizza, that's how you raise a boy" and he hit me on the bum way more. It really hurt but he said, "if you think I'm bad to you, you should see how I raised your father." Then it was night time and we were having a party type thing and everyone kept trying to force me to eat these giant pickles but I didn't want to and I felt sick. Then I told everyone I didn't like pickles and they were really angry and my mum sent me outside where I was meant to sleep. I was sent into this long drop type place where I vomited. Then a girl came and she was nice to me and told me she liked me and we kissed. Then I got up and went back inside and everything had changed and I was now not a boy but myself. There were a lot of people sitting watching a TV series thing on a movie and what I just described to you had just finished and no one realised it was me that they had just watched. The TV series started with a V but I can't remember what it was called but it was a series of disjointed episodes that lead to Germany. I still felt sick so I vomited on this box which turned out to be the VHS player that was playing this TV series and it stopped and everyone was annoyed that it stopped but no one realised it was me that vomited on this VHS player so I was happy. Then a whole bunch of stuff happened that I don't remember but the next episode started and I was also inside of it. This episode focused on New Zealand and me and a whole bunch of people were on a train and we were somewhere in the North Island, it was before the earthquake so I told everyone we should go to Christchurch. The train went to Christchurch and we got out in the city centre and I was showing everyone everything that had fallen down and there were these big castles everywhere that I told everyone had fallen down in the earthquake. The city centre was completely empty and then the earthquake happened and I saw the Cathedral fall down. I was separated from the people I was with so I wandered around and then I went into this building. Now I was a girl and it was this funeral type thing for my mum. (not my actual mum again but one in the dream, and not the same one from the first part) My mum was in this glass container and she was still alive but she had to decide whether to die or to become a better person. My dad, my sister and I had to stand in this other glass container together and wait for my mum to make a decision. She decided to die. My sister and I went into the kitchen of this building where a catering company was and we drunk a whole lot of these premade cocktails which were in the jelly cup type containers. We got really drunk and needed to go to the toilet. The caterers told us to be careful because they were really fancy toilets. When I went to the toilet it was kinda a beige colour and really gross looking but the walls were covered in these dispenser things, like razors and soap and about 15 other things. Also by now I was myself again for some reason. I was doing a poo and I looked up and there were three guys in the wall looking at me and laughing. I tried punching them in the balls but they said they didn't have balls. I tried pooing anyway because I was drunk and needed to poo but I couldn't. Then the three guys broke free of the wall and were pushing me around and suddenly there was poo everywhere, everything I touched turned to poo. I tried to pee into the toilet but poo came out of my dick instead of pee and it was gross. The guys were covered in poo. I managed to escape and go outside and then I knew I was dreaming and I could do whatever I wanted. I started climbing these amazing castle type things that appeared and I climbed up really high. Then two girls came to me and they were girls I know in real life but I don't remember who they are, and since it was a dream and I could do whatever I want, so I had sex with both of them but then I didn't want to have a wet dream so I had to stop having sex with them. After this a whole bunch of other stuff happened but I can't remember it. I don't think anyone will read this.


  1. might start documenting my dreams too. the other night i had a dream josh burgess was wolverine and aoife was storm and i was jean gray but i wanted to be wolverine so me and josh had a competition to see who could whip out the claws more dramatically.

  2. I just found out about Lucid dreaming this afternoon and I didn't like it because I thought that's how dreaming was and what everyone did most nights and not that I was "just weird".