Saturday, September 10, 2011

Letter to MTV

Dear MTV

I have a great idea for a TV show and I think it suits your network. The show is called 'Milf Swap.' The premise of the show is that two young men and their single, yet attractive mothers go on a double date. The men will pair up with the other guy's mom and vice versa. It would be funny because they would be trying to seduce each others moms or sons, without pissing off their own sons or moms. There would be bonus points if the sons were friends. I am from New Zealand and do not have SKY TV which has the New Zealand MTV channel so I would really appreciate it if you sell it to a free to air network in New Zealand. I hope you get back to me with what you think of this, I think it would make a really great show.

Eamonn Marra

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