Monday, September 19, 2011

I purposely buy things that are really cheap
even if they are less ethical that more expensive things
this is mostly because deep down I am selfish just like everyone else
and I want the most things for the money I have
but there is also another reason
If things are really cheap
then they make less profit than other thing usually
and if people only buy things that make less profit
less money will be made
and maybe wages will drop
and everyone will have to continue buying cheaper things
to make up for their lack of money
and then inflation will go backwards
and all investors will lose money
even mum and dad investors
and then they will stop investing in anything
then everyone will be poor
and will have to learn to grow their own food
and wont be able to buy new furniture or cutlery
then I will be like haha
but secretly I will probably be sad
because I wont be able to buy new CDs or Records or Guitar pedals
but maybe someone will lend me theirs.

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