Thursday, September 1, 2011

I didn't run today.

The last 11 days of August I ran. My route was roughly 3km. I was happy, even before I started running I was happy. I made plans, plans to go to Wellington, plans for a zinefest in Christchurch, plans to study, plans to change my life. My life had changed, my medication had been tweaked and was now working the way it was supposed to. I was no longer depressed, everything seemed to be working. I was feeling kinda good about myself. My views on the world hadn't changed but my ability to change the world had. I was reading, I was writing, I was talking to people. I was doing things, I was going out, I was eating healthily. The last few days I've been feeling a bit down, in my head running was the thing that was keeping me well, as long as I could get up and go running I was healthy. Yesterday it took a lot to get me out and run but I did it. I didn't run today.

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  1. Eamonn: as someone who considers any kind of physical exercise daunting, I don't think you should attach so much importance to routine. If you feel like running and it makes you feel good then treat is as something to look forward to and not as a chore. Take a few days off and then get back into it. There's no failure in taking a few days off, but try and focus on why you want to run in the first place. It shouldn't be the sole marker of your disposition but rather something you to make you feel good in and off itself. I liken it to quitting smoking. Just because you had one cigarette at a party doesn't mean you have to buy a packet tomorrow.

    You get what I mean?