Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I don't think in words, I think in ideas. I am an ideas man, I have come to grips with this. I have a lot of ideas, they're all good ideas but following through with them is not as easy. Sometimes I come up with an idea for a poem or a story and it is so clear and detailed in my mind, the places, the feelings, the relationships are all so clear, but then I realise, I have not thought a single word and cannot put my thoughts into words. Even this last sentence is awkward and clumsy sounding. My thoughts aren't awkward though, they are complete and amazing and I love them. When I think in words they resonate and mean something important to me and I think they are incredibly important and I have to remember them or write them down or something but nine times out of ten they disappear the instant I try to write them down, then I wonder if the words were ever there at all or if they were just ideas. I guess my point of this is, I would like more clarity in my writing (and speaking) I wish I could translate these ideas into word, even into actions, in a better way. I think this comes with practice so I need to write everyday, I need to make my words work.

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