Sunday, August 7, 2011

the best poem ever written

This poem is called the best poem ever written

It is by my favourite poet

Eamonn Marra

I want to do Heroin

Heroin is the sexiest drug

Something about needle insertion is sexy

William Burroughs did heroin

William Burroughs killed his wife

William Burroughs was a faggot

At my high school

Boys would cut the arms off their jerseys

To turn them into vests

If I cut my arms off

I would be an amputee

Sometimes I feel like both a veterinarian and an animal

And I need to operate on myself

And I need to be anesthetised

That’s why you should give me drugs

I don’t believe in mental illness

I just believe that some people are better than others

Apparently you can replace antidepressants with a happy attitude and omega 3

I can shoplift omega 3 from the supermarket

I don’t know where to shoplift a happy attitude

I think stalking is romantic

Please someone stalk me

I don’t go outside anymore

So it will be really easy for you

The thing about poetry is

Almost all the people who read poetry

Also write poetry

And they’re far more interested in others reading their poetry

Than they are in reading others

I hate you

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