Monday, May 10, 2010

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Short Story: School

Jonathon always got picked on a bit at high school. When he was in year 9 he was picked on heaps and used to spend all lunch time in the library. Hoping that none of the kids in his class would find him, but as he got older he made some friends and learnt how to keep out on trouble. After that he still got bullied a little bit but it was much better than before.

Usually now the people that picked on him the most his were his friends, he was the lowest, the most uncool, the dumbest and the fattest in his social group so naturally he was the one who got the most strife. But it was all in good fun and everyone has to pick on someone right. (maybe not but that's just the way it was at this school)

Jonathon sometimes picked on the kids younger than him, not in a big way just calling them names or mocking them a little bit. He never did anything really bad like hitting them or anything like that it was all in good fun. His friends did it too, actually most of them did it much more than he did, sometimes he felt bad for the kids but they weren't doing any real harm. It was just the circle of life.

Jonathon didn't really care that much about school. He got reasonably good grades, never really got in trouble, all of the teachers seemed to like him but he didn't study hard. He preferred to go out and meet people and have adventures. School wasn't who he was it was just what he did in the weekdays during the day time. In the end he ended up failing the last year at school not because he was stupid, it was because he no longer cared. Jonathon realised he hated school and why would anyone try hard at something they hated.

His school friends however did care about school a lot. Jonathon was friends with some of the smartest kids around, he liked them because he could have intelligent conversation about music or politics or something like that. They could be dicks sometimes but most the time they were good people. They had unspoken competition about grades or awards. They always complained at the end of the year when the awards went to people they didn't think deserved it. Jonathon tried hard not to get involved, he never won any awards and he didn't care.

A few years have passed since high school. Jonathon doesn't really see many of his school friends much anymore, but they are all very successful. They are mostly doing engineering or law or something equally as impressive and getting good grades. They are all going to graduate at the end of this year. His school friends all still hang out together and whenever Jonathon sees them they still talk about school quite a lot, they sometimes talk about prizes and awards and why the person who got them didn't deserve them. They still bully each other and people around them, it seems weird to Jonathon because he assumed that that behavior would have died out when they left school. The group of girls changes around them quite often depending on who they are going out with at the time, they all seem to be quite good with girls, much better than Jonathon anyway.

Jonathon isn't doing quite as well, he is in his first year at university which he does enjoy so he is getting good grades. He spent some time after school overseas and some more time in his home town doing nothing. He has a lot of friends of all ages, shapes and sizes all in different stages of life, the one thing most of them have in common is that they didn't like school very much (but they don't really talk about that). He doesn't understand why his school friends are comfortable doing the same thing now as they have been for the last 5 or 6 years when he met them but they must be doing something right, they will all probably become rich and powerful. They are the types of people that do well in life.

Jonathon would still rather be in his position than theirs.

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