Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post #34 why can't you sleep?

why can't you sleep?
are you ok?
are you thinking of something?
are you thinking of someone?
what music have you been listening to?
do you have a song in your head?
is that stopping you sleeping?
are you comfortable?
are you too cold?
are you too hot?
are your pillows in the right position?
do you have everything you need?
are you excited?
are you worried?
are you reminiscing?
are you thinking about tomorrow?
are you thinking about the future?
are you hungry?
are you thirsty?
do you need to go to the toilet?
did you sleep too much during the day?
does something in your room smell?
are you still on the internet?
is this because you can't sleep?
do you want to sleep?
when do you need to get up?
do you actually need to get up then?
what will happen if you don't get up?
what will happen if you don't sleep?
what will you do if you aren't sleeping?
what will you miss out on if you are sleeping?
will you dream?
will you have a nightmare?
how often do you dream?
what was last nights dream like?
what was last nights sleep like?
did you even sleep last night?
when did you last not sleep?
what happened then?
what do you have to do tomorrow?
do you actually have to do it?
if you don't sleep will it prevent you doing it?
have you even tried to sleep?
do you want to try to sleep?
do you think you will be able to sleep tonight?
why do you think that?
how much mountain dew have you drunk?

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