Friday, September 11, 2009

Post #30 a short story

Thomas woke up today the way he did everyday, happy.

He got up and spent some time in his room, enjoying every moment of it. He was just naturally a happy guy. There were a lot of things in his life which he didn't like, and a lot of things about himself that he hated but he couldn't help himself just feel happy most of the time. Thomas simply loved life.

This was one of the many things Thomas hated about himself, none of his heroes loved life. They were all reclusive, synical, despondent losers, but they were deep. Depth is what Thomas wanted above all else.

So about four months ago Thomas started acting as if he was depressed, stopped smiling as much, became more synical and basically became an emo piece of shit.

It worked, now everyone thinks Thomas is really deep and has feelings, Thomas doesn't have any real feelings. He's just a fucking typical teenage boy.

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