Sunday, September 6, 2009

Post #28 stealing ideas

SADNESS OF WINTER 09: Sadness of ignoring people you love because you are too afraid of what might happen, sadness of realising you don't enjoy the company of many of your friends, sadness of beautiful music, sadness of realising I can never write music that beautiful, sadness of seeing friends friendships fall apart, sadness of friends falling apart, sadness of jealousy, sadness of being weak, sadness of being scared, "Sadness of not feeling as sad as you feel you should be."

HAPPINESS OF WINTER 09: Happiness of knowing I am not alone, happiness of finding people who understand, happiness of being able to help (I think), happiness of going on adventures, happiness of feeling comfortable sober, doing stuff happiness, not doing stuff happiness, happiness of talking, future happiness, happiness of the triumverent, "Happiness of not thinking about whether you're happy or not".

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