Sunday, September 13, 2009

post #31

One of the greatest injustices in this society is that people who are really shit don't realise it. They should be able to look at themselves and realise they are not nice people, the way they treat the people around them is really terrible.

The fact that they can spend their life doing whatever the fuck they want, not thinking of the way it influences other people both locally and otherwise makes me sick. They need to know that they should not be able to enjoy life, they don't deserve it.

Then there are the other people, the awesome people. They all know they aren't that bad, but they can't help but feel shit about themselves. Nothing they ever do seems to be good enough to fit the strict criteria for being "a good person." Well you are all good people. You should feel better about yourselves, become more confident, you totally deserve everything that is good in your life. We are way better than the countless shit people out there.


  1. you are one of the awesome people. see you soon, i hope. timmy says hi.

  2. Eamonn! Where did you go on facebook world? I have to talk to you about how to say things in Denmark, I'm going to the UN! I've got somewhere to stay but it'd be awesome if you could give me some tips, also i haven't heard how uni is going for you so far?!?

  3. email me Raven

    I deleted my facebook, i'm not quite sure why. But it is quite refreshing not knowing what everyone is doing all the time.