Monday, August 31, 2009

Post #19

trying to write a positive blog is pretty hard.
this is attempt number 5 I think.

Things aren't really looking up, but i get the feeling that they will be soon. I don't know what it is but i just get the feeling that very soon good thing after good thing will start happening to me.

I don't feel alone anymore, every time I open up about the way I feel it seems there is another person who understands what I am going through, they don't know exactly and have different feelings but they have been through or are going through something similar.

I am at a stage that I really like. I no longer think I have serious feelings about any girls, I have been able to drink sensibly without going crazy, I am able to enjoy both the company of others and being alone, I think I am starting to become more confident but Im not really sure The holidays have been really good so far but I am also looking forward to going back to university. I still smoke way too much weed.

I was told by someone I barely know just to change something small around. So I rearranged the posters on my wall, I like them better now. It makes me feel better I dont know why.

Casiotone for the painfully alone is coming to christchurch later in the year, he is probably one of my favourite lyricists in the world. I am excited to see him.

I like that I have a beard again even if it is one of the most teenagery beards in the world.
I am really happy to have gotten to know David Klein this year, he is one of the most amazing people I know.

I have been watching freaks and geeks over the last few years. It gives me feelings of nostalgia for high school, except if it were me as I am now in high school. Lindsey Weir is the perfect girl.

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