Saturday, July 25, 2009

post # 7 ways to make you feel better

I know a lot of people that feel shit about themselves, and for a good reason, most of you are shit people. Out of everyone I know most people suck, even my friends most of you are fucking shit, but you are better than most other people anyway thats why I am friends with you. Anyway here are a bunch of ways to cope with your shitty lives, none of them worked for me, but try them anyway.

1. Spend all day in your room not doing anything
I bet there are sometimes when you just dont want to see anyone, no matter how cool they are, then don't see them! I have done this many times just lay down in your bed and dont get up. Dont listen to music or watch TV because that lets people know you are awake, just dont do anything. It isnt as hard as it sounds, it gets easier after about 3 hours.

2. Get Drunk
everyone loves that drunk guy, you can tell because everyone will say "fuck you were so drunk last night" with a smile on your face. And it doesn't matter what you do when you are drunk because you can just blame it on the alcohol. like if someone says "man you were a dick last night" you can just respond "yeah i know, i was drunk" then you will both laugh and everyone will feel better. Although sometimes drinking can make you both angry and emo, it doesnt matter because you can use the excuse above or just do something else to make you feel better.

3. Get Stoned
Instead of thinking, man my life is so shit and everyone sucks you start thinking about how the universe is real shit and how food is awesome. Marajuana is actually awesome

4. Cut yourself
The Same as above but instead of thinking about the universe and food you start thinking about how much your arm hurts. PS this is actually really stupid, dont do it.

5. Talk down to everyone
If you talk down to everyone then it makes you better than other people. How can you feel bad if you are better than everyone else?

6. Write a Blog
This lets you talk about stuff that you are too embarrased to bring up with other people. That means people will come up to you and talk to you about it, or just say "hey man, I read your blog." This actually does nothing by the way

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  1. Apart from 2 and 3, I think this is a pretty stellar list. Pretty much my last few months in Auckland eh. Though with the last one, I sometimes take a little joy out of talking frankly about stuff which is more often left on a blog to people. I love seeing whether they get disarmed or just play it cool.